IIFL JITO AHIMSA RUN - 31st March 2024

The most happening day of 2024 is here, Sunday 31st March, the day of the much awaited ‘Ahimsa Run’. Last time, we ran together across the globe, and this time, we’re gearing up for an even bigger and better experience!

The word ‘Ahimsa’ immediately rings a bell in our mind of forgiveness, positivity, cosmic love, strength, brotherhood, etc. Ahimsa is Shakti , and in today’s trying and turbulent times, we all need to come together and show our Shakti (strength).

This Ahimsa Run basically aims at creating awareness for a better world…..to stop wars, hatred, etc. and attempting to bring Peace and Non – Violence in our surroundings.

So let’s all come together to make this world a better place which can start only with “U & ME” .

Let us all run together and try to set an example of unity, non – violence, love, respect and peace to our younger generation.

“Let’s come together and try to make a change, A change for the better !”

“🕊️✨ Join IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run Reel competition: A Run, in support of Peace & Non-violence ✨🕊️
Are you ready to make a stride towards peace and embody the principle of Ahimsa? We’re excited to announce the #AhimsaRun competition on Instagram, inviting all to express what peace and non-violence mean through creativity and action.
Whether you’re a runner, an artist, or a storyteller, this is your platform to inspire and ignite change. Let’s come together to celebrate peace, non-violence, and the positive impacts they have on our world.
🌟 How to Participate:
Follow our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/jitoladieswingofficial
Create and share your interpretation of the Ahimsa Run.
It should be in form of a reel or post.
Use the hashtag #AhimsaRun and #AhimsaRunAndMe and tag us in your post.
Last submission date 20th March
Encourage friends and family to participate and spread the message of Ahimsa.
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IIFL JITO Ahimsa Virtual Run

● Jain International Trade Organization (JITO) is a Global organization with three major objectives of Knowledge, Economic-Empowerment & Seva of the society at large.
● 35000+ JITO Members
● 68 National Chapters
● 27 International Chapters / Initiatives

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